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Why business needs a website?

Website is essential to a business to compete in today’s competitive market. No matter what your business or profession, a website can generate business lead, build trust and help to present your service to users.

And a few more reason why you should have a website:

  • Tick Icon Your customer expect to see it
  • Tick Icon Be able to control the narrative
  • Tick Icon To be show up in Google Search
  • Tick Icon To reach millions of potential customers

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There are 28.7 million internet users in Malaysia. Having a website help to present your service to them

- Statistics from Malaysia Communication And Multimedia Commission

The Best Web Design Johor Bahru

Web Design service includes

Hassle Free Care Icon

Hassle free care

We want you to worry nothing. We cover and settle all technical issues from domain registration, to hosting and maintainance

Trendy Design Icon

Trendy and Unique Design

Our web design is tailored and unique for every project. We ensure it is stunning and engaging enough to convert visitor to customer.

Mobile Friendly Design Icon

Mobile-friendly Design

48.71 percent of internet traffic come from mobile devices, a mobile-friendly web design is optimized for better viewing experience of mobile users

CMS Icon

Content Management System

Content Management System (CMS) allows user to update content easily. The CMS we chosen has been powered 34% of websites on the Internet worldwide

Server Icon

High Speed Server

Our server equipped with SSD storage, which is more robust and 5 times faster than others.

Backup Icon

Periodic Backup

Data is critical to buiness. We perform backup periodically to ensure your data is safe with us

Software Update Icon

Free Software Update

We provide free software update, to ensure your website is running with latest software for better security and performance.

Domain Icon

Free Domain

We provide free domain name (.com, .com.my, .my).


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